Delay in justice for victims of sex abuse 'unacceptable', says CARI

A charity helping children who have been sexually abused has said that the delay victims face in accessing therapy is unacceptable.

CARI says one in five people are abused in childhood and they wait an average of five years for justice - if their case is even heard.

Campaigners say the judicial process must b fast-tracked for children who are abused.

Eve Farrelly, who manages the court accompaniment service with CARI, said that families are left in limbo for far too long.

"You can go from first playdates to first dates in five years, sitting your first entrance exam to voting in five years," she said.

"Five years for an adult is not a huge amount of time - it is mammoth within the child development language.

"And they should be allowed that development, free of being paused in it, and having any kind of arrested development because this is hanging over their heads due to procedural delays."



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