Defence Forces launch recruitment competition to find new personnel

A new Permanent Defence Force (PDF) general service recruitment competition has been launched today.

The Minister with Responsibility for Defence, Mr Paul Kehoe, T.D. announced the launch today.

The targeted strength ceiling of the Permanent Defence Force is 9,500 personnel and the Minister stated that “this new recruitment campaign reflects the Government’s commitment to meeting PDF strength targets”.

The Minister said that "this general service recruitment campaign will build upon the successes of previous recruitment campaigns from which it is expected that just over 800 new personnel will have been inducted into the Permanent Defence Force by the end of 2017.

"As this will deplete existing panels, it is now appropriate that we initiate a new campaign in order to provide for the induction of further personnel in 2018."

This new recruitment drive opens up many opportunities for young people to serve their country both at home and abroad.

The Minister noted, following on from recent increases to pay, that "on completion of recruit and three star training, which takes an initial 17 weeks followed by a further 12 weeks training respectively, newly qualified three star Privates and their Naval Service equivalent can expect minimum gross annual earnings of €27,000 (inclusive of military service allowance)."

The competition is open from 10am on Wednesday, September 27 to 23.59pm Friday, October 27 at

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