Decision on legal bill for former Rehab CEO Angela Kerins later today

Angela Kerins will find out today if she will have to pay the full legal bill for her failed action against the Public Accounts Committee.

The former CEO of the Rehab Group claimed members abused her Constitutional rights by straying into areas outside PAC’s jurisdiction.

In March 2014, one month after she attended a PAC hearing on how the Rehab Group spends public funds, Angela Kerins tried to take her own life and she later resigned as CEO.

She sought damages for personal injury, loss of reputation and loss of career because she felt members acted outside their powers by asking her about things she considered to be “wholly private” like her salary and bonus payments.

The court decided it couldn’t intervene because of the absolute privilege protecting Dáil speech under the Irish Constitution.

Costs usually follow the event, which means the loser pays, but she claims she should not have to pay because her case raised matters of such public importance.

Lawyers for PAC and the Attorney General have opposed the application and a decision is due later this morning.

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