DCU becomes University of Sanctuary for people in Direct Provision

Refugees in Direct Provision will be the focus of attention in DCU this week when the facility becomes the first designated University of Sanctuary in Ireland.

A series of events will take place, including sport and language practice opportunities.

Some students at the university will try to live on €21.60 cents for the week - the amount received by those in Direct Provision.

President of DCU, Professor Brian Mac Craith, said that they have received positive feedback on efforts to reach out to refugees.

"We initiated scholarships for students from Mosney to come into the university itself," he said.

"So we have five on-campus scholarships. That’s very challenging for individuals, because they’re treated as international students, and they could never go to university.

"Speaking to each one of those individual students, their lives are being transformed through education."

- Digital desk

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