Davy to open Belfast office

Stockbroking firm Davy today announced the launch of a dedicated office for the North, located in Belfast city centre.

To coincide with the launch, Davy’s research business has concluded the first in a series research reports that will examine different aspects of the economy in the North.

"We have always had strong client relationships in Northern Ireland and are delighted to now open our first office here," said Davy chief executive Tony Garry.

"Whereas, Northern Ireland will provide an additional engine for growth at Davy, it has already become an attractive location for investment by our clients across the island of Ireland, a trend we see continuing.

"Opening a dedicated office allows us to further establish Davy with the region’s high net worth individuals. With the peace dividend and prospective long-term sustainability of the Northern Ireland economy, we believe that the timing is right for our expansion in this region."

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