David Hall to seek Supreme Court appeal

David Hall will today seek an urgent appeal hearing at the Supreme Court following his failed bid to challenge the state's use of promissory notes.

The businessman's case was turned down on the basis that he didn't have the legal standing to mount the challenge.

Yesterday, the High Court told David Hall he didn't have a case against the state.

Today, he will ask the Supreme Court to allow him the opportunity to prove otherwise.

Mr Hall took the case as a citizen and a taxpayer in a bid to stop the payment of promissory notes amounting to €31bn to IBRC and EBS.

President Nicholas Kearns rejected his case but told him it may still be brought by a member of the Dáil.

Three TDs, including Independents Shane Ross and Stephen Donnelly were in court yesterday.

They are said to be considering the judgement before deciding to mount their own challenge.

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