Dáil protest demands introduction of sex buyer's laws

A group of protestors have gathered outside the Dáil to demand the introduction of sex buyer's laws in Ireland.

Protestors from the 'Turn Off the Red Light' campaign want to see the law focus on those who buy sex rather than sex workers themselves.

They are calling on politicians to support the new Sexual Offences Bill currently making its way through the Oireachtas.

John Cunningham, chairman of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, has said prostitution is a brutal industry that must be tackled.

“The work we have done has identified that women and girls as young as 13 are being trafficked into Ireland for the sex trade,” Mr Cunningham said.

“The only way to affect trafficking is to affect demand, we believe that the brutal and diabolical treatment for women within prostitution in Ireland and indeed the Europe cannot be accepted and we want as many men to step forward and say ‘we don’t support this’ and want the legislation brought into force.”

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