Dáil committee to discuss cannabis petition

A petition to legalise cannabis, put forward by a member of the public, will be discussed at an Oireachtas Committee later today.

Previous attempts to gain Government support for the campaign have failed.

Last November 111 TDs voted against the motion put forward by Independent deputy Luke "Ming" Flanagan in the Dáil.

The joint Oireachtas Committee on Public Oversight and Petitions will review the situation when it meets this afternoon.

Committee member and Independent TD Richard Boyd Barrett has been outlining how he would see the legalisation working.

"I think it has to be regulated in the same way as alcohol and other drugs are regulated, so that there are age limits, regulations around quantity - so that it becomes safe," Deputy Boyd Barrett said.

"There's no point in trying to drive something underground - that hasn't worked.

"We need regulated so that the use of the substance is safe, and doesn't cause social problems or health problems for people."

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