Dáil Committee to consider compelling former Rehab CEOs to attend

Angela Kerins

The Dáil’s Public Accounts Committee will today discuss whether to seek legal powers to force Angela Kerins and Frank Flannery to attend a public hearing.

The committee wrote to solicitors for both of the former Rehab CEOs last night saying it may still call them both to attend another meeting.

Both have said they will not attend a hearing this morning to discuss Rehab’s state funding.

Lawyers for Angela Kerins yesterday complained that the PAC was straying beyond its remit. F Frank Flannery said he could not contribute to the issues the PAC wanted to discuss.

Last night the PAC wrote back to both, telling Ms Kerins that she had already allowed it to stray beyond its remit by agreeing to disclose the terms and conditions of her salary.

It also told Mr Flannery that his excuse was “nothing short of contemptible” - and also rejected his claims that members had leaked damaging allegations contained in a letter which the PAC has now passed on to the Gardaí.

Both have been told that the committee reserves the right to call them again if it sees fit.

The committee meets Rehab’s chairman Brian Kerr and other senior figures this morning to discuss its use of public funds, but will also now consider the question of whether it should seek unprecedented legal powers to force the two former CEOs to attend.

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