Croke Park resident sick of 'ranting'; calls for Brooks concerts to go ahead

A resident living near Croke Park has said all five planned Garth Brooks concerts should be allowed to go ahead, and that she is sick of the "ranting" of other residents who complain about the impact of the concerts.

The woman, who wished to be known by her first name Brigid said: "It's not the inconvenience they're talking about. Saying things like martial law and being on lockdown for days on end is just an exaggeration.

"I'm getting really annoyed the more I hear them rant on about it."

Some Croke Park residents are planning to march on Sunday in protest over the cancellation of the concerts.

They want five concerts to go ahead as planned.

This goes against a Dublin City Council decision to cancel two gigs after they received almost 400 complaints.

Some residents now support a five-night run - only if stadium officials rule that no act can play for more than three nights in future.

North Dublin Councillor Ciaran Gannon is supports the new petition.

“We just feel that these five particular concerts with only three weeks to go, we don’t want to be killjoys off Ireland, we don’t want to be the people who are seen to be impacting on the lives of 160,000 people,” he said.

“They’re willing to renegotiate with Croke Park. If Croke Park were not kind of talk about going back to the agreement and make a commitment that this farcical situation, which has really kind of blighted the area of the past few days, won’t ever be repeated.”

Other residents say Croke Park plans to for a number of events this summer breaches previous agreements and planning laws and will cause major disruption and breach their human rights.

Previously, speaking on Today FM's Championship Sunday, Croke Park Stadium Director Peter McKenna said he's optimistic that a resolution can be reached with residents.

"I think when you listen to the comments that come back from resident's groups, I think five concerts in row is a big ask, and I think we certainly recognise that."

"What we need to do is respond in a way that's meaningful. In my view the event will go ahead, and the five concerts will happen in Croke Park in July."

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