Creighton: Reform Alliance trying to restore 'faith in the political system'

A group of rebels from Fine Gael will today test the waters for a new political party.

Hundreds are expected at the RDS in Dublin for the conference being organised by the Reform Alliance.

Members of the group said they are not looking to become an official party, but today's event is seen as the first step towards an official break-away from Fine Gael.

Reform Alliance TD Lucinda Creighton said she wants to restore faith in the political system.

She said: "You know, in the 80s people were much more engaged in politics than they are today, probably had more faith in the political system than they do today.

"That's very understandable given the fact we've just come through a bailout programme.

"I think the first task is to try and engage people and get them interested and maybe having a little faith in the political system again."

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