Cowen to face opposition pressure after voicing support for Ahern

The Tánaiste, Brian Cowen, is expected to come under intense pressure from the opposition this week over his continued support for the Taoiseach.

The opposition have already criticised Mr Cowen for standing by Bertie Ahern following the latest revelations at the Mahon Tribunal.

Fine Gael and Labour are both demanding that Mr Ahern resign after the tribunal heard how his Fianna Fáil supporters in Drumcondra gave £30,000 (€39,777) to Celia Ahern in 1993 to help her buy a house for her aunts.

The money was only repaid in recent weeks.

The Taoiseach will be away from the Dáil this week on government business, meaning Mr Cowen will be fielding questions from the opposition in his place.

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