Coveney: We must address pylon concerns

Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney

Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney has said that the Government "isn't going to railroad anything through" when it comes to pylons.

The decision on whether Eirgid's new electricity network should be under- or over-ground has prompted heated debate on both sides.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny sparked further controversy earlier this month when he made comments linking infrastructure with emigration.

However Minister Coveney today said he doesn't believe the Taoiseach is ruling out anything on the issue.

And he believes the concerns of those objecting to the pylon network need to be addressed.

"We have people - thousands of them, in fact tens of thousands of them - who have real concerns here," he said.

"We need to try and address those concerns, and at the same time find a way to put this infrastructure in place.

"If we ignore those concerns, the process isn't going to go ahead anyway."

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