Coveney: We cannot have Irish soldiers dragged into civil war in Syria

Irish peacekeeping troops based in the Golan Heights, have been deployed to an area on the Syrian-Israeli border, where 43 UN peacekeepers were kidnapped earlier today.

They have been sent to reinforce other UN posts in the ceasefire zone.

All Irish Defence Forces personnel are reported to be safe and accounted for.

However Defence Minister Simon Coveney says Ireland will seek a fundamental review of the deployment of Irish peacekeeping troops in Syria - when the current mission ends.

Mr Coveney said: "When we have this totally unacceptable situation resolved, Ireland will be insisting on a fundamental review of the whole mission, because we cannot have the situation where a UN mission - which is about maintaining a non-militarised zone to keep two countries apart - is now being dragged into a civil war in Syria.

"I cannot stand over that from an Irish perspective and I suspect other countries involved will have the same view."

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