Coveney: Ireland will 'expose' cause of milk going sour before use-by date

The Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney says Ireland will "expose" any issues of milk going sour before its use-by date.

Householders are being reminded not to store their milk in the door of their fridge, after complaints that it seems to go off within days of being opened.

This is despite the best before date indicating it should last a week.

In a comment to The Irish Times, The Irish Dairy Council says there is no reason for normal pasteurised milk to go off more quickly during the warm weather as long as it is stored at the right temperature.

Mr Coveney says any issue with mis-labelling will be rooted out.

He said: "We have quality control systems in our factories, production facilities and manufacturing facilities that I would argue are the best in the world.

"So, if there is milk that is inappropriately labelled, well then that will be exposed and we'll deal with it."

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland says the door is not the coolest place in the fridge so it is not the best for products that have a shorter shelf life.

The FSAI says production standards for milk are higher than ever and it should now last at least a week if stored correctly.

Hotpoint, who manufacture fridges as well as other kitchen appliances, have issued three tips for milk storage.

They firstly said that people should check that their fridge temperature setting is cold enough to store fresh milk.

They said: "Zero to five degrees Celsius is recommended on most milk carton labels. In warmer weather you may want to decrease the fridge temperature by a couple of degrees because your kitchen is warmer.

"But be careful on a manual control dial fridge, you may need to turn up the setting to make the unit colder, whereas on a digital control fridge it will display the actual temperature in the fridge so you can adjust to 5 degrees or below by pushing the + or - button for perfect milk storage."

They advised that the bottom part of the fridge is the coldest.

They said: "Don't store fresh milk products up on the top shelf. Cold air falls to the bottom of the fridge naturally.

"Turn the fridge temperature down temporarily or use your extra cool setting before you go shopping. This will chill the fridge compartment enough to handle all the shopping and chill it as quickly as possible."

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