Court releases mother who refused to pay home schooling fine

Monica O'Connor and Eddie O'Neill with their children Oran, Elva, Eamon and Oisin at their home before her arrest this morning. Picture: Dylan Vaughan

A woman who was earlier jailed after she refused to pay a fine related to home schooling has been released from custody.

Mother of six Monica O'Connor from Tullow in Co Carlow was taken from her home by gardaí this morning.

She and her husband Eddie O'Neill were both found guilty of failing to register two of their children for home schooling purposes.

They were told by Carlow District Court in June 2013 to pay a fine of €2,000, but they have not paid it.

Her husband is also now facing a 10-day jail term for not paying penalty.

However, she has now been released from custody.

Monica says she's happy to make a sacrifice in fighting what she's called an 'unjust law'.

"When my grannies were born females couldn't vote - that was a law," Monica said.

"There have been unjust laws throughout history.

"I would like to teach my children that legitimate authority needs to be obeyed, but there's a point where you stand up and say 'I conscientiously object' (even) if it means you deprive me of my liberty."

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