Court orders City Councillor to stop blocking Greyhound Recycling lorries

A Dublin councillor has been ordered to stop blocking bin lorries belonging to Greyhound Recycling.

It comes after the waste management company applied for injunctions to stop striking workers and their supporters from interfering with their daily operations.

Greyhound Recycling says 300 of its customers were left waiting six days for their bins to be collected because of the interference of a group of protestors.

Around 70 workers have been on strike since mid-June in a row over pay and conditions.

Management say they are happy for them to do so, providing it is done legally, but they claim protestors have been stopping trucks and intimidating drivers.

A DVD played in court today even showed a child being placed in front of a lorry as it tried to leave its base in Clondalkin.

The company is seeking injunctions against several workers and protestors, among them three local councillors and Dublin South Central TD Joan Collins.

Today, Mr Justice Garret Sheehan granted an injunction preventing People Before Profit Councillor Gino Kenny from engaging in "unlawful picketing".

The court heard he responded to a warning letter by saying he will only review his position when Greyhound Recycling stops using "scab labour", and this was taken into consideration.

The remaining cases will be heard next week.

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