Court finds man guilty for being part of Dublin gangland plot

A man has been found guilty of being part of a plot to murder a father of two outside his home in Dublin.

Eugene Cullen from Derry Road, Crumlin, had denied being part of a gangland hit on Seamus O'Byrne in Tallaght just over five years ago.

On March 13, 2009, Seamus O'Byrne was gunned down outside the home he shared with his girlfriend Sharon Rattigan at Tymon Park North in Tallaght.

A lone gunman shot him five times from point blank range while Sharon was putting their baby boy into the back of a car.

Eugene Cullen was not on trial for pulling the trigger that day, as Bray hitman Gareth O'Brien is already serving a life sentence for that role.

Mr Cullen was accused of being part of the plot to kill the 27-year-old and after three hours and 41 minutes of deliberations, a jury found him guilty.

The victim's sister Karice addressed the court afterwards and described her younger brother Shay as " a kind and generous person" and said it was of some comfort that justice had been served on his killers.

At the time of his crime, the court was told that Eugene Cullen was on bail for a robbery in Galway and has since been sentenced to 10 years behind bars for it.

Mr Justice Barry White then adjourned sentencing until after lunch.

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