Couple collect €250k from Lotto ticket bought on a whim on road to Croke Park

A pair of Monaghan GAA fans have made up for their county's defeat to Dublin in the All-Ireland Football Championship by scooping €250,000 in last Saturday’s Lotto Plus 2 draw.

The husband and wife, who wish to keep their win private, bought their winning Quick Pick ticket at the XL Store on the Dundalk Road in Carrickmacross as they made their way to the quarter-final.

The woman said: "We were on the way to see the big match and stopped off in the shop to get a few bits and pieces for the journey. I occasionally buy a Lotto ticket and thought I’d chance my arm as the jackpot was over €6m.

"With the disappointment of the football result, we didn’t give a second thought to the Lotto ticket which was thrown on the kitchen window sill."

The following day, her husband stumbled across the news of the big win when he was checking his smartphone at home.

He said: "I was flicking through my phone when I saw on the news that there had been a Lotto winner in the shop we bought our ticket in. I frantically kept calling the wife to see where the ticket, was but she didn’t answer.

"She finally called me back and told me where the ticket was and I couldn’t believe it when I saw we had winning numbers. But she point-blank refused to believe that we had just won a quarter of a million quid."

Spending plans for the big win remain undecided, although the couple have promised themselves a nice holiday before the year is out.

The husband said: "Alas we won’t need tickets for Croke Park again this year.

"But we are going to enjoy the weekend with friends and family and we’ll start looking at holidays before we decide what to do with the rest of the money."



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