Counting resumes in European elections

Counting in two of Ireland's European Parliament constituencies is resuming around now.

Two seats have been filled in the south by Brian Crowley and Liadh Ni Riada, while two more MEPs have yet to be elected there.

Fine Gael's Sean Kelly is looking likely to be elected next.

The fourth and final seat will come down to transfers - Fianna Fáil's second candidate Kieran Hartley and Independent Diarmuid O' Flynn are trailing behind the Fine Gael duo of Simon Harris and Deirdre Clune.

Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney believes that despite a poor party performance during these elections - there could still be two Fine Gael seats in Ireland South.

"I think we're in with a good really good shout of that, we're lucky we have three great candidates,

Sean Kelly's very strong, he's clearly going to be elected, he's up on well over 90,000 votes now, and then Deirdre Clune and Simon Harris are neck-and-neck, there's only as of now, about 1900 votes between them and there's still probably 16,000 votes to be redistributed from other candidates that are getting eliminated."

There are still three seats to fill in the Midlands NorthWest European constituency, after Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan took the first yesterday.

Counting finished in the Dublin constituency last night, after Lynn Boylan, Nessa Childers and Brian Hayes were all deemed elected.

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