Councils given month to count cost of storm damage

Waves batter Lahinch promenade during Storm Christine. Picture: Sean Curtin

The Government is giving councils and local authorities around the country four weeks to count the exact cost of the recent storm damage.

The Cabinet is then expected to announce what repairs are affordable - and when.

But insurers have been told to step up and deal with private claims.

Yesterday evening the Cabinet discussed an interim report into the recent severe weather and storm damage.

Ministers agreed that local authorities now need to provide a detailed cost estimation on the damage inside 3-4 weeks.

Local authorities in the worst-hit counties of Clare, Kerry, Galway and Mayo need to count the cost of repairs to public amenities.

No emergency repair funding is being released right now until the cost of repairs is known but the Coalition stresses that it has a sense of urgency on the issue.

The Government also says the insurance industry needs to engage with clients on the private element of damage caused to homes and businesses.

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