Councillor criticises department for putting pension system all online

A Dublin city councillor is hitting out at the Department of Social Protection for making pensioners go online to give information.

Paul McAuliffe said it is failing to provide an offline method for them to supply documentation over the Contributory State Pension.

He said people are frustrated as there is no other way of clarifying gaps in their pension so they can get their payments.

Councillor McAuliffe said obstacles are being put in the path of women who were awarded a pension after 2012.

He said: "The Government were dragged kicking and screaming to amend that, to acknowledge that caring in the home should be considered.

"Unfortunately, the review they are carrying out at the moment is being done purely online and many women who don't have access to the online application form are being forced to wait because the department simply doesn't have an offline form that people can use or a call centre that they can call."



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