Councillor calls for budget rejection saying it's 'an insult to the people of Dublin'

Mary Fitzpatrick.

A Dublin City Councillor is calling on her colleagues to reject the budget proposed by the City Manager tomorrow night.

Mary Fitzpatrick says its a bad deal for Dublin and targets the most vulnerable people in the city.

It includes a massive rent increase for council tenants and a cut in homeless services and funding for disability grants.

Councillor Fitzpatrick says she's looking to rally support from her colleagues.

She said: "I will be speaking to the other group leaders and the other councillors in advance and yes we are hopeful of cross-party support, because this is such a bad budget and it is such an unfair budget.

"It really is such an insult to the people of Dublin who have paid their local property tax that they are being presented with a budget that really cuts all of the essential services."


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