Councillor apologises after 'stumpy' jibe

A former SDLP Assemblyman has apologised after calling an IRA car bomb victim who lost both legs “stumpy”.

Local councillor Danny O’Connor’s heated comments came during a row at Larne District Council with the DUP’s Bobby McKee.

The dispute erupted during a planning meeting on Monday night but Mr McKee said the matter had been resolved.

“I called him fat and he called me stumpy and that was it,” he said. “I was certainly hurt at the time but the fact is that he has apologised.”

The harsh words were exchanged during a debate over planning but the pair shook hands afterwards and Mr McKee said he was content that the matter had been resolved.

A former member of the UVF, he lost both legs in a car bomb attack outside his Larne home in 1974.

Mr McKee is a founding member of the Northern Ireland Amputees Association.

Mr O’Connor, an Assemblyman until 2003, could not be contacted today.

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