Council says Brooks' concert decision 'cannot be amended or appealed'

Dublin City Council say the decision to reduce the number of Garth Books concerts from five to three "cannot be amended or appealed".

The announcement made yesterday has come under fire from fans and the tourism sector with the country singer himself saying that "it is five concerts or none at all".

In a statement tonight the Council said they had been consistent in informing the promoter, Aiken Promotions, that the main concern was the impact that five consecutive concerts would have on the local area.

"Dublin City Council has been consistent (since it was confirmed that tickets were sold for five concerts) in informing the Promoter and his agents that its main concern was the impact that 5 consecutive concerts would have on the local area," the statement read.

DCC say that in January/early February tickets went on sale for the five proposed Garth Brooks gigs to take place at Croke Park - yet the application for the Outdoor Event Licence was not received until the April 17.

"It should be noted that the Promoter could have lodged the licence application at any stage, including before the tickets went on sale last February."

The council have reiterated that event licence decisions made under the Planning & Development Acts cannot be amended or appealed.

"There was no formal consultation with Dublin City Council and the Promoter prior to the lodgement of the Event Licence applications although there were a number of informal discussions with the Promoters Agents prior to its lodgement," the statement continued.

"Again our concerns regarding the number of concerts was expressed."

The council said that there was a five-week public consultation period and in excess of 370 submissions were received.

"The submissions were extremely detailed in nature and were submitted from a wide spectrum of the public, including numerous residents (individuals and representative associations) and some businesses," the statement said.

The council said that a decision was made to grant the event licence subject to conditions, one of which was to reduce the number of concerts from five to three.

"As the licencing Authority, Dublin City Council must adhere to the procedures laid down in the attendant Planning Act and Regulations," the statement concluded.

"The decision to grant or refuse an Event Licence is made by senior management in DCC’s Planning Department, to whom those powers have been delegated by the Chief Executive.

"As with all major applications, decisions are not made lightly."

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