Council raises almost €30m in Dublin parking and clamping fees

Dublin City Council raked in nearly €30m in parking fees last year.

It has also emerged it made more than €4m from clamping 56,000 vehicles.

The most common places in the city to be clamped include Pearse Street and Mespil Road.

Tara Buckley from RGDATA, which represents grocers and convenience stores, says it is hurting businesses.

Ms Buckley said: "Our biggest concern is that the council will get used to having this money and will continue to increase parking fees and parking fines and clamping fines.

"That would be a big concern for business in the city, because you're driving customers away.

"There should be good traffic management, we've no problem with that, but there are fairer ways to do this and they need to address that to make sure they're attracting customers into the city."


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