Council declares civic emergency in Cork

A civic emergency has been declared in Cork after it emerged that the water supply to tens of thousands of people won't be turned back on until next weekend at the earliest.

A major treatment plant which feeds the city's northside and Douglas suburb remains submerged under several metres of water.

Schools in affected areas have been told they will have to remain closed, while there's growing concern over the risk to public health posed by a lack of sanitation.

Cork's Lord Mayor, Darragh Murphy, hopes the southside neighbours of those affected will come to their aid.

Gardaí are appealing to the elderly living on Cork's northside who can't get access to drinking water to contact them.

A team of community gardaí is delivering bottled water to housebound residents affected by the flood damage to the city's domestic supply.

Anyone who is in need of drinking water, and can't leave their homes, is asked to call Guarranbraher station on 021 494 6200.

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