Cork TD tells colleagues to stop feeling sorry for themselves over Cabinet jobs

Mr O'Sullivan told his colleagues to  stop feeling sorry for themselves. Picture: Andy Gibson.

A backbench Fianna Fáil TD has told party colleagues to stop feeling sorry for themselves if they missed out on a junior ministry.

Cork's Christopher O'Sullivan said there is no time for being annoyed at being overlooked and that there's work for the new government to get on with.

In a tweet, Mr O'Sullivan said: "Now more than ever FF (Fianna Fáil) need unity and focus. There’s so much work to do. 

"There’s no time to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves and being pissed off about being overlooked for certain positions. 

"Let’s get the job done."

The Cork TD's comments come after a number of TDs like Willie O'Dea, Michael Moynihan and Jackie Cahill said they felt disappointed or insulted by being passed over by Micheál Martin for ministerial appointments.

Mr O'Dea said “I am bitterly disappointed for the people of Limerick that the 3rd city of the Republic and economic driver of the Mid-West has been completely overlooked for either senior or Junior Ministerial appointments,

"I have been inundated with messages from people who feel let down and grossly insulted."

Yesterday, fellow Fianna Fáil TD told the Irish Examiner that he had "taken a lot of shit" for Mr Martin over the years, which he says he spent rebuilding the party.

Mr Moynihan said: "There was no justification given to me, but he has insulted both me and my community.

"I spent many years rebuilding the party - there's not a county that I wasn't in when we were rebuilding. I took a lot of shit up and down the country and kept it from (Mr Martin).

"It shows the level of respect he has for me and my community. They can say there are three Ministers in Cork - I'm 45 miles from Cork City - we're a different world here."

A number of those without a role are now starting to campaign to get the chairmanship of an Oireachtas committee.