Cork man tells of moment he retrieved his 'snatched' son from Africa

A Cork man who says he went to Zambia to "rescue" his son says he hopes the child's mother comes back to Ireland.

Elizabeth Daka went to her native Zambia with Ethan, who is now seven, in April of last year, despite the fact that Richard Quarry had sole custody of his son.

He could not pursue his estranged wife in the courts because Zambia is not signed up to the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction.

The Kinsale man had been fighting since April last year to get his son back.

Instead he planned a detailed operation and even hired a private investigator to find out where Ethan and his mother were living there, before taking him home.

Richard says he is conscious that Ethan's now been separated from his mother, and he wants to encourage Elizabeth back to the country because he will miss her.

He arrived back in Ireland on Saturday, and this morning he has described the moment he took Ethan from his classroom.

Mr Quarry said: "Walked in, apologised to the teacher for intruding, the teacher very kindly got all the kids to stand up and say 'good morning' and I said good morning back.

"There was Ethan in the middle with his jaw nearly on the floor; he came straight away and I walked him out hand-in hand.

"By the time we got into the car there was about four or five teachers all out, and one of them was trying to prevent us verbally from going."


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