Cork fire fighters rescue family trapped in lift in city shop

Fire fighters rescued a family from a trapped lift in a Cork city shop last night, writes Eoin English.

Third officer with Cork City Fire Brigade, Victor Shine, praised the family of five - a mother, father and three young children - for staying so calm during the almost 30-minute rescue operation.

“They remained calm and controlled throughout and there was no panic at any stage. They all deserve great praise and we’d also like to thank them for their patience,” he said.

The drama began to unfold around 5.50pm when a lift in the Homesense outlet in the new Capitol shopping complex on Grand Parade jammed between the ground and first floors.

The family travelling inside the lift car raised the alarm using its internal alarm system.

Building managers contacted a lift maintenance engineer and Cork City Fire Brigade which dispatched one unit to the scene.

Mr Shine said while such ‘trapped lift’ calls are relatively routine for fire crews, the newer lift electronic control systems in what is one of Cork’s newest buildings made this lift rescue operation a little more complex.

Once it was established there was no emergency and that the trapped family was calm, Mr Shine said the fire crew followed various procedures and protocols to reset and then override the lift’s electronic control and safety systems.

They liaised with the lift engineer who was still on route before they slowly raised the lift to the first floor.

Maintaining the family’s safety while returning the lift car to the first floor lift entrance where they could walk free - rather than be hoisted from the lift car - was their priority, he said.

Fire fighters were then able to prise the door open and allow the family walk free.

“We were able to maintain contact with the family throughout and reassure them. But they do deserve praise, given that there were three young children involved. They all reacted very well to the incident,” he said.

The lift maintenance engineer arrived a short time after the family was freed.


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