Controversial Housing Agency chair Conor Skehan to appear before Housing Committee

The controversial chairman of the Housing Agency is set to be questioned by TDs and Senators this afternoon.

Conor Skehan is due to appear before the Oireachtas Housing Committee following a string of comments about homelessness.

Conor Skehan

Most recently he said some people were gaming they system by declaring themselves homeless, to jump the social housing waiting list.

Sinn Féin's Eoin O'Broin says the committee wants to challenge his views.

"If there were evidence to support such a thing, it caused real hurt among homeless families and we want to question him on that, tease it out with him and challenge him on the reasons why he said what he said," Eoin O'Broin explained.

"And hopefully convince him that such comments are deeply unhelpful and shouldn't be made in the future."

Eoin O'Broin

Meanwhile, Sinn Féin say the government cannot be left to their own devices when it comes to affordable housing.

The Dáil debated a motion brought by the party last night.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy insisted they will have 50,000 social housing units in place by 2021.

Mr O'Broin does not think the government's record shows they have a credible plan.

"There is only one update that matters here for people desperate for affordable housing which is how many units have you delivered and how many units will you deliver this year," said Mr O'Broin.

The answer to both of those questions - and the minister knows - is zero.

"In seven years of government, not a single affordable unit delivered through any central government scheme to rent or to buy."

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Conor Skehan

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