Consultants apologise for death of baby boy at Dublin maternity hospital

Mount Carmel Maternity Hospital. Pic: Billy Higgins.

A Dublin maternity hospital has apologised to a couple over the death of their two-day-old baby, six years ago.

The High Court has heard that Senan Dodd suffered catastrophic brain injury arising from the management of his birth in Mount Carmel Maternity Hospital in March 2008.

Mount Carmel and two consultant obstetricians have apologised for a fault in the management of Roberta Dodd’s labour which led to the death of her son.

Senan was born at the South Dublin hospital on March 28, 2008, and died two days later.

The High Court heard consultants Dr Gerry Rafferty and Dr Valerie Donnelly ignored or failed to properly interpret the fetal heart rate recordings which led to an alleged delay in carrying out a caesarean section.

Senan was deprived of oxygen and suffered brain damage.

His father David Dodd made a statement outside court today.

He said: "Unfortunately, the care received by Senan from Dr Rafferty and Dr Donnelly fell below the standard required or expected.

"Both doctors admitted at the Coroner's Court hearing that neither had looked at the fetal heart rate record or if they had looked at it, they had misread it.

"An apology was furnished in the High Court today by the doctors regarding the mismanagement of Senan's birth.

"The death of Senan was sadly avoidable, he was a beautiful and healthy baby boy."

The apology was issued as part of an undisclosed settlement of the couple’s action for damages against the hospital and the medical practitioners.


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