Concern over increase in repossession proceedings by banks

CEO of Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, David Hall.

The Government is being told it must impose real and specific solutions or the number of family homes being repossessed will rise dramatically.

It comes as the Central Bank confirms that the number of people in mortgage arrears dropped again in the second three months of the year.

However, the bank's figures also show a 5% increase in the number of people who are over 90 days behind with their homeloan repayments, while the number of banks taking legal proceedings against homeowners has also risen by 5%.

CEO of Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, David Hall says more and more people will have their homes repossessed unless the Government takes concrete action.

Mr Hall said: "The reality is that unless and until Government impose solutions - not impose write-off or magic wands - unless they impose specific solution to all lenders within the State that give everyone a fair and equitable chance to stay in their home in a reasonable way, then we're in for a very, very, very rough number of years ahead."

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