Conal Keaney joins campaigners calling for two way cycling route in Dublin

Cycling campaigners want the proposed Liffey Cycling Route in Dublin to be built as soon as possible.

It would see a two way cycling route constructed from Heuston station to the 3 Arena.

The project has been delayed numerous times and is due to come before the Council at the end of the month.

Cyclists who support the route are being urged to take part in a cycle this Sunday on the Quays.

Former Dublin hurler and footballer Conal Keaney is backing the campaign.

"You can see here the amount of traffic that goes by and trucks and lorries. It's just not safe especially if you're bringing your kids. It's a no go area at the minute," said Conal Keaney.

"You're taking your life in your hands to a degree going down on the bike," he added.

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