Commuters reminded of Dublin's new traffic layout

New traffic rules for cars in Dublin City Centre come into effect this morning.

The rules give more priority to buses, taxis and bikes on quays in the city centre.

The new traffic arrangements mean there is NO right turn from Batchelor's Walk onto O'Connell Bridge.

Sections of the quays near O'Connell Bridge will also be reduced to just one lane for cars.

It's ahead of Luas Cross City testing and is aimed at giving more priority to public transport.

Dublin City Council says between 8 and 9am 7,000 people travel by bus on the quays, compared to just 500 cars.

There has been some concern from businesses and unions as to what the impact of the changes will be on trade.

A trade union representing major retailers in Dublin city centre is warning jobs could be under threat thanks to new traffic restrictions.

Mandate General Secretary John Douglas said the move will reduce the number of shoppers coming into the centre of town which could lead to job losses.

"We have grave concerns in relation to city centre footfall. This could have a major impact...which could fall into job losses and reductions in hours and overtime," he said.

"Our members are extremely worried that these measures don’t strike the right balance."

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