Co Limerick residents warned to boil water

Limerick County Council has today issued a boil-water notice to all customers in Co Limerick.

Water supplies in Limerick City and suburbs are not affected by the notice.

The notice has been made as the local authority said it is “not in a position to guarantee that water supplies throughout the county are treated to the standards required by the Drinking Water Regulations”.

The move was blamed on extensive power outages affecting water pumping stations and treatment plants, and was described as "a precautionary measure pending further investigation".

A council spokesperson said: “Limerick County Council will continue to liaise with the Health Service Executive with a view to lifting the Boil Water Notice as soon as practicable.

“However, it is likely that the Boil Water Notice will remain in place for a number of days.

“In the interest of public health, it is recommended that all users of public water schemes should boil water before use. Where boiling of water is not possible, bottled water should be used.

“We would ask members of the public to follow a number of instructions in relation to the use of public water supplies.”

Water must be boiled for drinking, drinks made with water, preparation of salads and similar foods, which are not cooked prior to eating, brushing of teeth and ice-making.

Infant feeds can be prepared with tap water that has been brought to the boil once and cooled.

If bottled water is used for the preparation of infant feeds, it should be boiled once and cooled. When using bottled water for preparing baby food, parents should be aware that some natural mineral water may have high sodium content, and should check the label for sodium or `Na', making sure that its level is not higher than 200mg per litre.

Caution should be taken when bathing children to ensure that they do not swallow the bathing water.

Residents have also been warned not to use water that has been re-boiled several times.

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