Clonskeagh Mosque opening its doors to homeless people ahead of cold snap

Clonskeagh Mosque in Dublin has announced it's opening its doors to homeless people ahead of an expected cold snap.

It is inviting those in need to take shelter in its large events hall as forecasters predict a 'polar low' will bring freezing temperatures over the next few days.

After providing shelter during Storm Ophelia, the mosque will again offer people a place to stay, sleeping bags and warm meals.

Summayah Kenna, Head of Community Welfare Department with the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland says her team are on stand by.

She said: "We are working very closely with all the homeless teams out there that provide shelter and our team are on stand by to receive anybody coming in.

"We will have a security team on duty during the nights, the maintenace people have been alerted to provide sufficient heating especially during late nights when staff will not be present."


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