Clamour for Finucane inquiry 'will not fade away'

The "clamour" surrounding the investigation into the killing of solicitor Pat Finucane is not going to fade away when the current headlines are replaced, it has been claimed.

A review yesterday found British government employees facilitated the killing by loyalists in 1989.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said the degree of collusion exposed was "unacceptable" and said in a message to the family: "I am deeply sorry."

The Taoiseach has backed Pat Finucane's family's call for a public inquiry into the case, but British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday rejected that possibility.

Writer and commentator Eamon McCann said demands for further inquiries were unlikely to die down any time soon.

"This isn't a short-term issue which is going to figure in headlines for a few days or a few weeks and then fade away," he said.

"There is going to be a clamour from the (Finucane) family and from the families of other victims of the UDA and UVF."

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