Ciara Quinn 'withdrew €5,000 in 17 minutes', IBRC tells Commercial Court

Ciara Quinn

Ciara Quinn made seven ATM withdrawals totaling €5,000 in the space of 17 minutes in May last year.

Under cross-examination by IBRC's lawyers, the daughter of the bankrupt businessman also told the Commercial Court there was nothing unusual or sinister in her working without an employment contract.

On day three of IBRC's cross examination of members of the Quinn family, the court heard from Collette Quinn, Brenda Quinn and Ciara Quinn.

The bank is concerned about asset-stripping in the Quinn's International Property Group and claims the family has not disclosed all the relevant documents relating to these property assets and their bank accounts.

Ciara Quinn today maintained her role in the IPG group has been entirely passive. The former nurse was asked about her employment contract with a Russian firm in the group which she signed without a translator.

She said there was nothing unusual or sinister about that and said she worked for Quinn Insurance without a contract for nine years.

She also withdrew €340,000 from ATMs over a year to pay for legal fees but has no receipts – IBRC highlighted the withdrawal of €5,000 in seven transactions over 17 minutes.

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