Christina Noble speaks publically about son being taken from her in mother and baby home

Children's rights activist Christina Noble has spoken publicly for the first time about her son being taken from her, at a mother and baby home in Dublin.

The founder of the Christina Noble Children's Foundation says she was told by a nun at St Patrick's Mother and Baby Home on the Navan Road that her son Thomas had been sent to America.

She has searched ever since, but has never been able to find him.

"I loved Thomas," said Ms Noble, as reported by The Irish Times.

"He was gorgeous. I have never spoken publicly about Thomas because of the pain. The unbearable pain."

"I still never found Thomas, I was told that they had sent him to America and I don’t know if they have or they haven’t."

"I tried to find papers about him but I never found out where he went. In my last moment with Thomas, there was a nun there. I went up for his next feed and he was gone. I asked a nun there where Thomas was and she told me he has gone to a good Catholic home."

Christina was speaking at the launch of 'My Name is Bridget' - a book written about the Tuam Mother and Baby Home in County Galway and dedicated to the Tuam Babies.

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