Children treated in Cork for poisoning connected to e-cigarettes

It has emerged a number of children have been treated at a Cork hospital this week for poisoning connected to e-cigarettes.

The revelation has come from Dr Chris Luke, a consultant at the Mercy University Hospital emergency department.

Two children were treated after they presented at the hospital, having been poisoned by liquid nicotine.

The Irish Examiner's Claire O'Sullivan

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reports today that: "Liquid nicotine or e-liquid, it is believed, is absorbed far quicker than nicotine in tobacco and can poison somebody by touch alone."

Dr Luke said the contents of many e-cigarettes can be fruit-flavoured, which makes them tempting for children.

He urged people using e-cigarettes to take extreme care around children.

"Nicotine itself is very poisonous and potentially addictive...And the liquid in e-cigarettes is very caustic and burning if it gets onto your skin," he said..

"It's potentially very toxic for children in very small amounts, (as little as) half a teaspoonful."

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