Child agency chief: 'Entirely appropriate' front doors of child support unit are locked

The Head of Family and Child Agency for the HSE says there was nothing untoward in the locking of doors at a high support unit for vulnerable teenagers in Dublin.

A report published by HIQA yesterday on an unannounced inspection of Crannog Nua in north Dublin highlighted that corridor doors were locked at 8pm in the evening until 8am the next morning - breaching the teenagers' human rights as well as fire safety regulations.

Gordon Jeyes says the front door of the facility was locked at night for the safety of the four children staying at the unit and no internal doors were locked.

He also said the practice was not out of line with fire safety policy.

Mr Jeyes said: "This has been well misrepresented because no internal doors are locked.

"I think it is entirely appropriate that front doors are locked and it is sometimes represented as if this was my policy.

"I've endorsed it but it was provided to me by a professional group of staff, and it's completely compliant with fire safety."


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