Chief Medical Officer has not seen worrying trend since lockdown eased

The Chief Medical Officer said he had not seen a worrying trend in people’s behaviour since lockdown was eased.

The majority of people were adhering to restrictions, Dr Tony Holohan added.

The latest data on infection, influenced by behaviour during an earlier period, showed the rate of spread was below one.

Photos published earlier this week displayed people congregating on busy beaches near Dublin after the area in which people can exercise was extended to five kilometres.

Dr Holohan said: “I have not seen any worrying trend in relation to those but it is too early to say.”

On Friday the senior medic said 11 new deaths had been reported, bringing the toll to 1,592.

Another 115 new cases were confirmed, bringing the total to 24,506.

One new admission to hospital intensive care was recorded.

Dr Holohan said there was not widespread immunity to the virus.

“The percentage of people who have evidence of having been exposed to this and who did not know as individuals, that they were exposed to this, percentages are quite low and not nearly large enough to have any impact on the progression of the further wave.

“It does mean therefore that from the point of view of infection it would behave exactly the same way.”