Charlie Flanagan on Brexit: 'We have that mess now, and we have to clean it up'

Update 12.25pm: The Foreign Affairs minister says Ireland has to now work on cleaning up the mess that is Brexit.

Charlie Flanagan says the UK's departure from the EU is not what we wanted and now we have to deal with it.

Last night he told the BBC that Brexit is a "proper mess".

Speaking in Wicklow he was asked what he meant.

"It's a mess, it's a mess not of Ireland's making, it hasn't been Ireland's policy.

"We're very disappointed with the result of the referendum in the UK, acknowledging of course as I do - this was the decision of the British people.

"We have that mess now, and we have to clean it up. We have to deal with it in an orderly and constructive manner," he said.

Earlier: Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan has warned that Brexit is a 'proper mess'.

He has told the BBC that the UK's decision to leave the European Union is one of the greatest challenges facing Ireland since the Independence of the State.

The Foreign Affairs Minister says he sees no "upside" for Ireland as a result of Brexit.

Charlie Flanagan has also told the BBC's Hard Talk programme that while a United Ireland is more likely, he does not think now is the time for a border poll.

He will meet with the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier later who wraps up a two-day visit here.

Yesterday Mr Barnier said that a post-Brexit border will exist on this island in some shape or form - however he maintains that peace will remain a "top priority".

Former Taoiseach John Bruton believes Brexit will hurt the UK more than it will hurt Ireland.

And he has also suggested the British people could change their minds and decide to stay in the EU.

"At this stage it doesn't seem realistic at all, but if you think about it there's no reason why there shouldn't be a second referendum in Britain.

"The British electorate decided on this amd the British electorate should I think be given a say on whether they want to accept what the people that they delegated to negotiate on their behalf have come up with," he said.


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