Chaotic scenes in court as two found guilty of attempted rape in Cork; third man cleared of all charges

There have been chaotic scenes in court as two men were convicted of attempting to rape a woman in the back of a van in Co Cork .

A third man has been cleared of taking part in the attack in September 2009.

The three men on trial were aged 15, 16 and 19 at the time of the attempted rape.

They picked up a woman who was drunk and separated from her friends, drove her down a country lane and tried to have sex with her on a mattress in the back of their van.

The eldest of the three was described as saying “hurry on, give me a lash”. He was cleared on a charge of oral rape.

The youngest of the three, now aged 19, has been cleared of all charges including rape.

He burst into tears.

There was uproar in court at the outcome with families of the accused shouting at each other and proclaiming their relatives’ innocence.

Mr Justice Paul Carney has jailed a mother and a younger woman for contempt until tomorrow morning.

He has put sentencing back until January.

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