Chances of fatal attack on prison inmate now 'very slim'

Michael Donnellan

The head of the prison service has said that the chances of a fatal attack on an inmate happening today, are very slim.

It follows yesterday's report into the death of Gary Douch at Mountjoy prison in August 2006 which said the killing could have been avoided.

He was beaten to death in a cell by violent prisoner Stephen Egan who due to an error, was not taking his psychotic medication.

"Every prisoner who now comes into a prison in Ireland comes, not into a landing, but comes into a what we call a committal area," said director general of the Irish Prison Service, Michael Donnellan.

"They have to stay there for 24 hours. They have to be seen by all the services including the doctor and the nurse, and then they're processed from there.

"The chances of this [a fatal attack on an inmate] happening today are very slim."

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