Census data shows number of non-nationals living in Ireland

The number of Spanish people living in Ireland increased 78% between 2011 and 2016, according to the latest figures to be released from the Census.

The data shows that, overall, the number of non-Irish nationals living here fell by 1.6% during those years to 535,475, whereas in 2011 the figure was 544,357 people.

The number of UK, Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian nationals fell in that period while the Spanish, Romanian and Brazilian populations saw the biggest increases.

The Spanish population increased from 6,794 to 12,112, while the number of Romanian nationals went up 69% from 17,304 to 29,186 people, which represented the largest increase in population size.

Polish nationals made up the largest group, while people from Germany were the smallest of the 10 groups profiled.



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