Car sellers who fail to update details being hit with toll fees

Ireland's largest toll provider is urging motorists to update their car ownership details when buying or selling cars this January.

Last year, more than 25,000 drivers failed to update details of cars they sold and received toll payment notices incurred by the new owner of the car.

eFlow said that this can lead to fines if the charges are not paid for a long period of time.

It says drivers should fill in the new owner details of the vehicle and send it to the National Vehicle and Driver File.

"It’s a simple case of filling in the new owner details of the vehicle when buying or selling and returning it to the National Vehicle and Driver File (NVDF)," said Simon McBeth, director of communications and customer relations at eFlow.

"We want to avoid the situation where our customers get toll payment notices for journeys they did not make because the car ownership details have not been updated and they remain the registered owner of the vehicle.

"It is the responsibility of both motorists and car dealers around the country to ensure the NVDF is updated with the correct registered owner of the vehicle."

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