Car sellers warned about bank drafts scam

Gardaí are warning car buyers and sellers about a scam involving the use of fake bank drafts.

Criminals have been using them to buy cars advertised online before selling them onto unsuspecting buyers for cash.

Gardaí said the fraudster targets individual sellers online and uses these dodgy bank drafts to facilitate the sale.

The scam artist seeks out drivers to collect the drafts at hotel reception desks and they pick up the car from the unsuspecting seller.

Another driver drops it to an innocent buyer willing to pay cash.

The end result leaves the original seller without a car or the benefits of the sale and the innocent buyer with a stolen car in his/her hands.

As part of their investigation into the scam, Gardai have posted recovered vehicles on their social media outlets and they'll be hosting a live Twitter Q & A at 7.30 this evening.

If you think you've been affected by this scam, or have any questions, you can send them to @GardaInfo and use #draftfraud in your posts.

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