'Cannibal-rat ghost ship' has sunk, says Coastguard; Uri Gellar says he can find it

The Lyubov Orlova. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Coastguard believes a ghost ship carrying disease-ridden rats has sunk in the Atlantic.

The empty Lyubov Orlova cruise liner, which has been drifting across the North Atlantic for almost a year after drifting loose in a storm, was thought to be heading for Ireland.

The Irish Coastguard teamed up with the satellite tracking company and spent two months trying to locate the 100-metre vessel.

However Chris Reynolds of the Irish Coastguard said his theory is that the ship sank somewhere in the Atlantic, thanks to hurricanes Sandy and Catherine.

He conceded though that: "We can't prove that."

This morning, psychic Uri Geller said he will help to find the ship, which has been valued at around €1m.

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